Have you finished a quilt top, or two? Overwhelmed by how to quilt it, and the size?

We offer longarm services at Stitcharie!

At just .02 cents per square inch edge to edge quilting

we can quilt your project for you. You can choose from a general meander or several other allover designs.

Simply bring in your well pressed quilt top, batting and backing, or you can purchase batting and backing from the shop (make sure they meet the minimum measurement requirements). In a short time you will have a quilted project ready to finish.

It is our pleasure to be a part of your quilting project.

Please don't hesitate to call or stop by the shop if you have more questions. 

Longarm Quilting Services

COVID-19 Changes:

  • Do not bring your quilt in fabric, reusable bags, or on a hanger

  • Please place your well-pressed, clean quilt in a plastic or paper bag

  • Quilts will be quilted on a first come first served basis. The quilt must be presented to be booked, we do not take 'pre-booked' quilts

Thank you for your understanding, and patience. We want to help you finish up those quilt tops, and keep you and our long arm professional healthy.
Happy Stitching!

Longarm Preparation and Policy

Prior to dropping off the quilt for longarm services, print and fill out the request form. The quilt will be quilted in the condition it is received. For best results:

Quilt Top


  • Make sure your quilt top is squared up.

  • If you have used directional fabric on your quilt, please identify the top of the quilt.

  • Remove loose threads - this is especially important for light coloured fabrics. If this is not done, the loose threads will show through the top of the quilt, once it is quilted.

  • Press the quilt top - please make sure that your quilt top and borders are as flat as possible. Ensure that there are no pleats, tucks or wrinkles pressed into the fabric. All seams need to lie flat.

  • Check all seams for gaps and loose stitching.

  • Do not pin or baste layers together. Top, backing and batting should be separate.

  • Pieced backings - remove the selvage edges before piecing.

  • Quilts should be free of any embellishments, beading, etc.

  • Remove all pins - running over a pin will damage the long arm machine.



  • 100% cotton fabric must be used.

  • Bed sheets will not be accepted.

  • Must be 8" larger than the quilt top in both length and width.

  • Backing must be squared up.

  • Press the backing fabric - remove all creases, folds and wrinkles. If the back is pieced, please ensure that all seams are as flat as possible.


  • Must be 8" larger than the quilt top in both length and width.

  • You may supply your own batting - but it must be of good quality.

  our selection of longarm quilting styles