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We are experiencing some technical issues with the online store

showing products at this time.

Stitcharie appreciates your patience

We are working on the problem

We will be launching a new updated version soon.

Thank you

Information about ordering online 


When selecting a delivery option for your product:

     Kit and product delivery

     - home delivery is available in the area

     - this includes, Petrolia, Wyoming, Sarnia, Corunna, Forest 

     - basically 30 mins in the surrounding area from Petrolia 

     - please call the shop if you have questions

     - choose Home Delivery, free with order over $50

    Curbside pickup

     - recent changes to the legislation regarding closures is being reviewed

     - contactless pickup is currently available

     - this may change at anytime

     - all orders must be paid for prior to pickup

     - phone the store provide your name and the vehicle you are driving

     - please wait until your package has been set out,

       and we have returned inside before retrieving your parcel.

   PDF Pattern

    - please choose the PDF pattern no charge in the drop down window

Please be sure that you do CHOOSE a delivery option to complete your order

This process is new to us, please be patient.

Stitcharie is doing the best we can to ensure that the process is simple and your health and safety are respected and cared for.

The shop phone is monitored MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY 12 - 3pm

Occasionally it maybe busy. Please give us time to respond to your inquiry.

Phone, email and text orders can take 1 - 2 business days to fill.

Occasionally this process can take longer, depending on details.


We are all in this together, together we will pull though. 

Be safe, and Stitch Love.